What is morgan swank studio?

Morgan Swank Studio is an art and design studio based in Richmond, VA and run by me, Morgan Swank! I create custom illustrations, design greeting cards, and also teach online at Skillshare and at various institutions around Richmond. I am passionate about fostering creative experiences and sharing my love of illustration.


As a little girl, my dad taught me a love for drawing. He would trace Minnie Mouse for me to color in, and I thought it was absolutely magical! I began developing my skills as a portrait artist which evolved into an emphasis in fashion illustration.

Where did I go to school?

I graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts.

What is it that inspires me?

I am constantly exploring new ways to accurately represent textures and textiles through different mediums and techniques. I enjoy finding the sweet spot between the accuracy and precision of portraiture and the loose, instinctual style of fashion illustration. Creating art makes me happy, and I hope that I can pass on that joy to those who view my work.