5 Inspiring Insta Artists


1. Lera Kiryakova

I just recently came across Lera when several other IGers from Russia were posting about her book being on sale! I purchased a digital copy, and I am just waiting for my time off next month to jump in and learn some new techniques!

2. Ian Fennelly

One of the coolest urban sketchers ever! I can’t get over his perspective and color choices. He brings an incredibly fresh approach to urban sketching and I would die to sketch like he does.

3. Lauren Aston

Lauren runs Lauren Aston Designs and she is one of the funniest people on the planet (just spend some time watching her stories). I love how creative she is with her knitting! The pictures she creates with her knits, and the fun photoshoots with her dog always bring a smile to my face!

4. Zhenya Zhuravlyova

Thankfully, you don’t need to remember how to spell her name to check out her work (she goes by zz_fashion_illustrator). Zhenya’s work combines aspects of portraiture with looser fashion illustration elements. You can spend hours just looking at a single piece and not get enough!

5. Vic Lee

This artist does incredible typography and murals. The videos on his profile are simply mind-blowing! His attention to detail and spacing is just beyond me.

I hope these profiles inspire you to go create something today! Who do you find inspiring on Instagram? Let me know below!

Morgan SwankComment