Drawing Supplies List

Drawing Supplies List by Morgan Swank Studio

Over the years I've worked my way through a lot of art supplies. While art supplies are not the most important piece of being an artist, they do make a difference in the quality of your work. As you develop as an artist, slowly upgrading your supplies can add an extra "Wow!" factor to your finished piece. 

All of these products are linked, so just click through and you will be taken to Amazon if you are interested in purchasing! 

Pencils & Pens

Pentel .05mm Mechanical Pencils are the best way to start any drawing! I have gone through quite a few styles and brands, but this one is by far my favorite. I buy refill lead and erasers. The eraser is a good quality and I've had no problems with it leaving the dreaded "eraser smudge."

Staedtler Mars Lumograph are where it is at for drawing pencil portraits. I've drawn with this pencil for a little over ten years now! I keep trying other brands to see if I am missing out on something, but I'm not. 

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen Set are my go-to for inking outlines. I mostly use .005 and have probably twenty up in my studio. I like having some fresh sharp ones and a few that are a little grittier and worn down. I like the variety pack because you can play with line width to see what is best for your own style of art!

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen Set is a new addition to my box. I really like going back in after the illustration is complete and adding some black brush lines at different places in the outline, or to create a more dramatic shape. Bonus is that you can use them to also do some cool hand-lettering!

Copic Sketch Markers are really the big dollar item in this list. Guys, markers are super expensive! I have worked my way up the marker line and I see a huge difference in using Copic. Their color number system, ink refills, and color options really are unmatched. Copic markers are an investment, so I would start with slowly building up a collection. I linked to a 12 piece starter set of the Sketch markers.


Borden & Riley #120 Bristol Plate is a high quality, heavier weight paper that I use for my commission works. The color is a crisp white and the plate texture is super smooth - which is perfect for markers!

Borden & Riley #234 Paris Bleedproof is a lighter weight paper than the plate and so is less expensive. I use this for any drawings that are ultimately going to be digital. I will also use it for trial runs and tester pieces. This is an effective way of saving a bit of money so you aren't constantly running through the #120 plate.

Leuchtturm 1917 Blank Notebook is what all the kids are using these days! Actually, I have no clue what kids are doing these days, but I have seen a lot of marker artists use this notebook and it certainly does not disappoint! Great for sketching on vacation or whenever you're on the go!


Prismacolor Kneaded Eraser is one of many brands of eraser you can buy. I personally don't have a brand preference. Just get yourself a pile, because you will lose them or you will get pencil shavings in them. I will also use a fresh one if I'm starting on a large commission piece. You can never be too careful about smudges!

Westcott Transparent Grid Rulers are something I cannot live without. Any size of these works. For portraits I would definitely get a larger ruler (2"x12" or 2"x18") and I also really love their 6" style.