Self-Care & Creativity


Self-care seems to be a buzz word these days. Everyone is all about taking care of your body and mind, but who really has time for that?

As a young female business owner, I felt the weight of doing everything right in order to make my business a success. How did I do this? By driving myself into the ground by performing the myriad of business owner jobs to the best of my ability. Long nights? Check. Weekends? Check. Vacations? Only with my computer in tow, of course!

I justified this all in the name of my endgame: a successful, sustainable business. You can survive for awhile without rest and relaxation, right? It doesn’t REALLY hurt you. What I didn’t realize was that the less space I gave my mind and body the less creative I was. I had slowly moved from driven and excited to overwhelmed.

For a long time, this is a piece that I completely ignored. I would push myself so hard to produce and excel in all areas of my business that I was ignoring my need for rest time to unplug and relax. This correlation is very sneaky because you don’t start seeing the effects right away. You might not actually see it until you are in the danger zone.

Last year, I went through a time where I didn’t even want to draw. I was so burnt out that I couldn’t muster up the desire to create anything. I would produce when I needed to for clients, but it felt like a chore. There was no joy in creating. I was using my arsenal of artistic tools to achieve a successful output, but there was nothing that was exciting me.

What I didn’t realize was that the less space I gave my mind and body the less creative I was

Thankfully, I had several good friends talk to me about the need for self-care. I started implementing limits on my work and giving myself time off. When I started to give myself space, and removed the pressure, I started to want to draw again. I was seeing things and feeling inspired to create by what I was engaging with. I didn’t realize how imperative rest is for a life of creativity.

I can now see the signs in over-stressed and over-worked Morgan sooner than I could last year. It is a warning signal for me to dial back, give myself a break, and turn off the computer. These tools have allowed me to remain creative and to think outside the box. I now wake up with the desire to draw and experiment with different mediums and techniques. Drawing is not a daily burden, but a delight. This doesn’t mean that I’m completely stress-free, but I am in a space where my desire to succeed is at a level that I can allow space in my brain for creativity.

I am so glad I had people who could jump in to help me address the tendencies that were killing off my creativity. Do you struggle with staying creative? Have you had friends tell you that you’re overworking? Have you noticed the creativity/self-care correlation in your own life?