Below are my Skillshare classes. Use the link below to get 3 months for $0.99!




Want to learn how to draw fashion images you see in magazines? In this class I will show you how to take an image and translate that into your own fashion illustration! 


fashion illustration: HOW TO DRAW THE BODY

Want to learn how to start drawing fashion illustration? In this class I will show you how to draw fashion bodies from looking at magazines! You will also learn how to start coloring in the body and some basics of shading! 


Portrait Art: how to draw realistic faces from photos

Confused at how to make your portraits look realistic? In this class, not only do I go over the basics of pencil portrait art for beginners, I also give an in depth explanation for the intermediate to advanced artist. 


Portrait Art: How to Draw Realistic Hair

This is an expansion class to my first portrait art class above! Take the above class for the basics and then check this one out to grow your knowledge of drawing different styles of hair! 


"I could not draw faces to save my soul until I took this class! Now it's as if I've had a breakthrough and i'm able to not only sketch faces, but I can capture specific features and feel confident! Highly recommend this class!"

Gina from Portrait Art: How To Draw Faces From Photos

"You'll get a great, concise teacher sharing excellent, simple techniques to improve your skills. I also love that she talked about how to keep a fresh perspective on your drawing, and that reviewing and changing is part of the process."

Kari from portrait art: how to draw faces from photos


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