Headshot of artist Morgan Swank smiling at the camera wearing glasses and a black tshirt.

Do you want something different?

We live in a world with 24/7 news, social media blitzes, and access to the world at our fingertips, yet somehow we are more disconnected than ever. I feel that deeply, friend.  With our fast-paced, consumer culture it has become increasingly hard to find ways to slow down and share something significant with a friend or loved one. Do you sometimes struggle with how to create that connection? If so, you are in the right place. 

Here at Morgan Swank Studio I’m all about those tangible moments that seem to be so rare these days. You know the feeling when you open that card a friend sent because it reminded them of you? Those words they shared telling you that you were on their mind? You can’t really quantify that, and you certainly can’t Prime it.

Those feelings are what this space is all about. Whether it is offering THAT card, the one your friend needs to receive, or gifting them with a one-of-a-kind house or pet portrait, what you find here is all about sparking joy and creating lasting memories . . .  and having a little fun with a pun or two!

If we haven’t met in person (or on the internet), I’m Morgan Swank.

As a little girl, my dad taught me a love for drawing. He would trace Minnie Mouse for me to color in, and I thought it was absolutely magical! That was the moment I learned how powerful art can be.

I received a BFA in Fashion Design, ended up working for a large corporation, then an overseas company, and finally decided to go all-in on the thing I’ve always loved the most: illustration. Not just any illustration though! I wanted to create a product business that allows for art to not just be lovely, but practical.

As a Type A, Enneagram 5, appreciate-the-finer-things sort of gal, jumping into the great unknown is not my cup of tea. Seriously, I would put it up there with dental work and camping (somewhere between uncomfortable and terrifying). But, what I lack in spontaneity, I make up for in thousands of hours of learning and research, determination, and a commitment to providing all y’all with the absolute best experience and product I can create.  

I started Morgan Swank Studio because I truly believe we need more spaces that cut through the noise of filters, presets, and feeds. Tangible moments that create connection and memories between you and those you love are what I'm here for, and that is the type of product I'm excited to create for you.


Gin & Tonic . . . or any gin or whiskey based drink.
Musician or Band
First Aid Kit, Lucius, ABBA
Corgis all the way! 
Amsterdam. Every time I go back it just gets better. I love the combination of old architecture and modern design. The practical and aesthetic blending together to create my favorite place. 
Reading. I have a fondness for anything 1830’s until modern times. Give me anything but coming of age stories and sci-fi. Current favorite read: Invisible Women.